Kola Nut & Oney Paperback - Signature Copy

Kola Nut & Oney Paperback - Signature Copy


Poetry to make you feel... Kola Nut & 'Oney.

The name is influenced by my West African roots. The Kola nut is extremely bitter, but has many health benefits to our overall vitality, whereas honey is sweet, healthy in moderation, and loved by all. That is the overarching imagery in this book; life is full of good, bad, light, dark, sweet, and bitter moments and what defines us is how we come out on the other side. This book experiences and expresses love on many different levels, it is a collection of how this energy has interacted with my being over the years and I hope you will find your own self within my art. What are we all looking for in this world after all? This book holds the answer.

Be YOU. Be Beautiful.

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